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The latte mug designs each have a one word positive message. Next to photo of mug is an image of the full mug design.

'Freedom' with a Pipevine Swallowtail
Product number:ML001
Price: $13.

'Peace' with a Black Swallowtail
Product number:ML002
Price: $13.

'Harmony' with a Painted Lady butterfly
Product number:ML003
Price: $13.

'Love' with a Zebra Swallowtail
Product number:ML004
Price: $13.

'Hope' with a Giant Swallowtail
Product number:ML005
Price: $13.

'Courage' with an American Lady butterfly
Product number:ML006
Price: $13.

'Life' with a Monarch butterfly
Product number:ML007
Price: $13.

'Joy' with a Tiger Swallowtail
Product number:ML008
Price: $13.

Price: $13
Shipping method and cost will be calculated after you first place your order. Payment is through Paypal. If using a credit card charges will appear on your statement as 'Fronterix', as that is my LLC name. Missouri residents will have sales tax added.

All mugs are dishwasher/microwave safe and come with handmade hang tags printed on 50% recycled paper and attached with natural hemp fiber.

All butterfly images on these mugs were created from photographs of real butterflies and that are native to Missouri and much of the midwestern and eastern regions of the U.S.

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